Roshaz Finite Element Analysis

written by Engineers for Engineers

ROSHAZ   Finite Element Analysis

Quality software at an affordable price

Suitable for use in Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Rail,
Oil, Gas, Medical and many other industries

used by Consultants and Analysts worldwide
adopted by many Universities and Colleges

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Why use Roshaz ? - Three Key Reasons
Roshaz provides small and medium business companies with powerful simulation solver tools at affordable prices. Most CAE products are very expensive and beyond the budgets of many small companies. Roshaz delivers equivalent and often better simulation at a fraction of the cost.

Roshaz has tools for appyling truly realistic boundary conditions to your models. These are advanced but useful and easy to use tools that are not available in most other pre-processors.

Roshaz can apply all loading from a complete free body diagram as true to life pressure distributions and still maintain a near perfect balance of forces and moments, thus allowing minimal support conditions to be used to anchor the model. This procedure negates all undesireable boundary condition effects often seen in other software products.

I do like Roshaz - nice bit of software, well done! And thanks for all your help.    -  Nigel Sims

The more I work with the software, the more I am impressed.
- Morten Ketelsen

Roshaz offers cost effective analysis with no sacrifice on accuracy, quality and ease of use. It is a complete FEA suite with built in solver, that can also be used as a pre and post processor for several other popular solvers, offering powerful CAD geometry clean up and loading tools not available anywhere else.

  • sketcher for rapid model creation
  • robust CAD geometry import
  • powerful geometry processing tools
  • innovative utilities for applying realistic and true boundary conditions
  • fast and efficient high quality 2D and 3D meshers
  • seamless integration of 3rd party solvers (Abaqus, CalculiX, Lusas, Nastran, Mystran.....) The excellent free-ware CalculiX solver can be downloaded from
  • unique and advanced results presentation
  • import and reverse engineer legacy FE models, STL and VRML files back to geometry
  • stunning clear OpenGL graphics
  • One month trial with full meshing capability available on request

Roshaz Software Free Demo Mode Version

The demo version of Roshaz (which can be freely downloaded from the downloads page)
has all the capabilities of the full version.
The only limitation of the demo version is that there is a 5000 node limit when meshing.

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